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Practice yoga everyday and feel the difference! Practice a few asanas each day and discover the benefits of yoga. You don't need too much, you only need a space as big as your yoga mat!It is well-known by all practitioners that practice yoga every day, even a short yoga practice, has big rewards to offer.
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Always more frequently (maybe thanks to 200-hour #yoga teacher training), many people decide to undertake yoga instructor career. But is every teacher a good one? Which requirements a yoga teacher must have?Without any sort of doubt, the first quality of a good yoga teacher is teaching from the heart, not using the brain, only. Quality
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The practice of yoga is becoming more and more popular in recent decades, but do you really know what yoga is? Read how this wonderful discipline can lead you to happiness. I bet at least once, you have heard of yoga as a sport, or maybe as related to religion. Yoga isn't any of that, it
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